Technical strength

● Material advantages

  1. High purity 1 # electrolytic lead with few impurities and low self discharge

  2. Lanthanide based high tin rare earth alloy, corrosion-resistant

  3. Special AGM partition board with high acid absorption capacity, slow assembly pressure attenuation, strong cycling durability, high capacity, and long service life

  4. High strength ABS battery plastic case, which will not deform or crack after long-term use.

  5. Silver plated copper core terminals, resistant to oxidation and corrosion, with a large contact area, low resistance, and no fear of high-power discharge.

● Technological advantages

  1. The production process of continuous casting punching mesh grid has a higher density and finer alloy grain structure, and the mechanical properties, creep resistance, and corrosion resistance of the grid are better

  2. The unique grid structure design eliminates the "cliff like" attenuation problem caused by grid corrosion and fracture in the later stage of battery use, extending the battery's service life.

  3. The unique lead paste formula enhances the bonding strength of the paste grid and solves the PLC and passivation phenomena in batteries.

  4. The medium temperature curing process is adopted for small and medium-sized dense batteries, which improves the uniformity of the curing temperature and water loss rate of the stacked electrode plates; The high-density battery adopts a high-temperature curing process; The strength of the active material on the electrode plate is high, the paste grid is well combined, the consistency of the electrode plate is better, and the battery can run far and be used.

  5. High pressure assembly effectively slows down the looseness and mud formation of active substances caused by the breathing expansion of active substances during battery use, prolonging the battery's service life.

  6. The pulsating formation process not only saves energy and is green, but also makes the battery more thoroughly formed, fully charged, and runs far in the initial stage.

  7. Excellent computer automatic grouping method, strict delivery to users before the last hurdle, quality is more reassuring.

  Research and development advantages

  1. Close cooperation with industry leading additive manufacturer Jinkeli to jointly develop new battery additives.

  2. Collaborating with industry brand separator manufacturer Suzhou Heshi Special Materials Company to jointly study the impact of AGM separators on batteries.

  3. Design and development calculations can be carried out through 3D simulation, and the force simulation calculation of the electrode plate can be carried out.

  4. We have 10 sets of 100 high-precision battery performance testing lines, covering all testing items except for cadmium.

  5. Three constant temperature and humidity test chambers simulate the usage status of batteries in high and low temperature environments.