Production equipment

Market centric

  Enterprises are established because there is a market. Without a market, there is no room for survival. Therefore, the behavior of enterprises should be centered around the market;

  The structure, system, and process of an enterprise, as well as the behavior of its employees, should be judged based on whether it is conducive to market operation. When conflicts and contradictions arise in work, we should prioritize meeting market or customer needs;

  Prioritizing and meeting market demand requires specific measures, which should be set in advance as much as possible. Although there may be occasional exceptions, too many of them indicate that the original setting is not truly market-oriented, which can lead to management confusion and, on the other hand, bring a crisis of survival to the enterprise.

  Simple, quantitative, and clear responsibilities and rights

  Management work needs to be low-cost, easy to remember, and easy to execute, so it can only be simple - this is the criterion for judging whether we are effective in setting systems and processes.

  Energized work and permissions must be assigned with quantitative indicators in order to be operable and assessed. Without quantification, it is equivalent to laissez faire, making it difficult to effectively operate, regulate, and evaluate.

  The functions, responsibilities, and obligations to be undertaken for each position, as well as the corresponding rights to be granted, should be clearly stated in writing without ambiguity, and explained to the relevant personnel. Only in this way can the executor effectively fulfill their responsibilities.